Perspectives of Change

#51 "Crafting Environments for Distributed Teams" with Jim Benson and Mark Kilby

March 29, 2024 Sarika Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 7
Perspectives of Change
#51 "Crafting Environments for Distributed Teams" with Jim Benson and Mark Kilby
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Welcome to “Crafting Environments for Distributed Teams” in conversation with Jim Benson and Mark Kilby.

Distributed teams have been around for a long time. I’ve been working with globally distributed teams since around 1999. I’ve personally witnessed firsthand the evolution of distributed teams and the challenges and opportunities these have presented along the years.I’ve recently had conversations with other practitioners and leaders who focus on 2 key things. 1. Managing the system and not micro-managing people, 2. Intentionally crafting the right environment for their teams to be successful.

For teams to be successful, the environment has to enable that. It’s about continuously improving the whole system and not just a 1 time thing.

Today, in conversation with practitioners and thought-leaders Jim Benson and Mark Kilby I’m hoping to unravel how they enable crafting environments for distributed teams.

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Hello and Welcome
Introduction to Perspectives of Change
Introduction to the topic
Introduction of guest Mark Kilby
Introduction of guest Jim Benson
What does “distributed” mean to you?
What is the “Right Environment” and what is not?
Why are we still stuck trying to copy-paste one team’s environment into another’s?
Are we working In or On the System?
What challenges have you been observing?
Advice nuggets for anyone wanting to build the Right Environment
Upcoming workshop in April
Closing words from Jim Benson
Closing words from Mark Kilby
Thank you and wrap-up