Perspectives of Change

#48 "Thinking Beyond 9 to 5" with Sumeet Gayathri Moghe

February 29, 2024 Sarika Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 4
Perspectives of Change
#48 "Thinking Beyond 9 to 5" with Sumeet Gayathri Moghe
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Welcome to “Thinking Beyond 9 to 5: Unlocking Potential with Async” where we unravel the intricacies of async, challenge the status quo, address resistance, corporate demands and the question of whether everyone should go async.

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Book by Sumeet Gayathri Moghe
The Async-First Playbook: Remote Collaboration Techniques for Agile Software Teams

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Hello and Welcome
Introduction to Perspectives of Change
Introduction of Guest: Sumeet Gayathri Moghe
Introducing Sumeet’s book: The Async-First Playbook
Unpacking Async from the Teams Perspective
Unpacking Async from the Leaders Perspective
Is this Async for everyone?
What do we mean by Async?
Meetings being the last resort - a tough mindset to shift into
Moves Leaders in the direction of Managing the System
How do you find out what’s the appetite for change for a team?
Alternative strategies for organisations to consider
Most people prefer to work remote most days of the week
Some gains by choosing Async
Advice nuggets from Sumeet for anyone wanting to start the Async journey
Thank you and wrap-up