Perspectives of Change

#47 "Team Competency Matrix" with Els Vandooren

January 30, 2024 Sarika Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 2
Perspectives of Change
#47 "Team Competency Matrix" with Els Vandooren
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Team competency matrix - a go to tool for managers, leaders, teams, HR and change agents when you want to understand an employee and team’s competencies and then making informed decisions around hiring, up-skilling and the like.

Sarika, host of Perspectives of Change show, has been inviting practitioners to the Perspectives of Change show.

She invited Els to share her experience experimenting and facilitating the Team Competency Matrix, a Management 3.0 practice, in her technical context.

Els onboarded her journey of Management 3.0 in 2023. Taking the Team Competency Matrix to her team was 1 clear action she wanted to try and come back to share her experience. And she did!

Els Vandooren works as a Technology Team Lead and is based out of Belgium.

Know more about Els and / Connect with Els on LinkedIn.

More on the Team Competency Matrix by Management 3.0 at

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Hello and Welcome
Introduction of Guest: Els Vandooren
Why did you choose the Team Competency Matrix Management 3.0 practice?
Backdrop and What did you do?
What challenge did you specifically face when introducing this matrix to the team?
Any concrete advice for someone who wants to start implementing this Team competence matrix?
Summary with 5 pointers
Any additional words to leave for this conversation?
Thank you and wrap-up