Perspectives of Change

#46 "Beyond the Finish Line" with Mangesh Shinde

January 25, 2024 Sarika Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 1
Perspectives of Change
#46 "Beyond the Finish Line" with Mangesh Shinde
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In this Perspectives of Change vodcast we are joined by Mangesh Shinde, who has found profound joy and purpose in the rhythm of his feet hitting the pavement. In this conversation with Mangesh, we delve into running, marathons, ultra-marathons, and the personal transformation that follows.

The number of parallels to organisational change that can be pulled out of this conversation is amazing.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or contemplating your first 5K or a leader or change agent seeking inspiration to overcome challenges, ignite your passion, embrace discipline, foster a resilient mindset, and savour the sweet taste of achievement, this Vodcast is designed for all of you.

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Hello and Welcome
Introduction of Guest: Mangesh Shinde
The Backdrop - Where does your journey of running begin?
What happened on your journey after the 10K?
What challenges did you go through - personal, professional, environmental challenges?
Tell us more around the power of the mindset needed for such a journey
What is that one (or more if you like) piece of personal transformation that you can share with us?
Tell us more about your Family achievement wall
3 Books that Mangesh has read on his journey
Any additional advise nuggets that you would share with us?
Thank you and wrap-up