Perspectives of Change

#44 "Discover the secrets to thriving teams" with Ro Gorell

January 20, 2024 Sarika Kharbanda Season 2 Episode 44
Perspectives of Change
#44 "Discover the secrets to thriving teams" with Ro Gorell
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Discover the secrets to thriving teams: unlock the power of positive psychology

Are you ready to transform your team's dynamics, resilience and performance? Look no further! In this episode we'll delve into the fascinating world of positive psychology and it's incredible impact on teams navigating change.

In this episode, Sarika Kharbanda is in conversation with Ro Gorell and they explore
- Key concepts and theories in positive psychology
- Practical strategies for coping with change and fostering a growth mindset
- The role of the team coach in guiding teams through change

Whether you're a team leader, a manager, or simply someone who wants to learn how to create a more productive teamwork environment, this episode would give you a few nuggets to take-away.

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Welcome to the show Perspectives of Change
What is the Perspectives of Change show about?
The topic for today "Discover the secrets to thriving teams; by unlocking the power of positive psychology"
Introducing Ro Gorell, the guest of today’s episode
How do you view change?
What is the role of the Team coach?
What is the role of Positive Psychology in this context?
How does a team cope with these changes?
The 4 Key Concepts: Fearless Learning, Hopefulness, Creating Agency, Deliberate Practice
Deliberate Practice
Some tools to try
Creating Agency
Another tool to try
Learned Helplessness
Is Growth mindset a thing? How do you view the Growth mindset?
Top 2-3 Secrets to build thriving teams
Thank you and wrap-up