Perspectives of Change

#43 Lean Coffee Experiments with Jehaan Ghaseeta

September 04, 2023 Sarika Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 43
Perspectives of Change
#43 Lean Coffee Experiments with Jehaan Ghaseeta
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Lean Coffee is a fantastic tool to enable co-creating meaningful dialogue with those impacted by the change by letting them decide what they would like to discuss.

Lean Coffee is a good practice that brings a simple, democratic structure to unstructured meetings too.

Sarika, host of Perspectives of Change show, has been inviting practitioners to the Perspectives of Change show. She invited Jehaan to the July 2023 Disrupt Unleash Co-create Learning Series “Lean Coffee and Change” for Jehaan to share her experience experimenting and facilitating Lean Coffee’s in her context. 

Jehaan onboarded her journey of Lean Change Management the last year 2022. She has been the driving force behind a number of Lean Coffee’s in her context. 

Jehaan Ghaseeta, agile coach, shares from her experiments with Lean coffee what has worked well for her, what challenges has she seen during the journey and some advice too for those wanting to experiment with Lean coffee for the first time.

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Welcome and introduction to the show Perspectives of Change
Host introduction - Sarika Kharbanda
Guest introduction - Jehaan Ghaseeta
What does Lean Coffee mean to you?
Share an experiment how you co-created with Lean Coffee incl Benefits
Do you run Lean Coffee remote, in-person or hybrid?
What kind of challenges have you been facing when you started to experiment with Lean Coffee?
How did you navigate the challenge you faced?
What advice would you give to someone experimenting with Lean Coffee for the first time?
Thank you and wrap-up