Perspectives of Change

#41 "Co-creating Team agreements" with Sarika Kharbanda

March 28, 2023 Sarika Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 41
Perspectives of Change
#41 "Co-creating Team agreements" with Sarika Kharbanda
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It takes a lot of effort to create alignment. For teams to be successful, they need to feel accountable. Telling them so is not going to get them to own up to it. Give them the space they need to co-create and continuously evolve their way of working.

A team agreement is a great place to start for any team!

Link to my article on Co-creating Team agreements on the Management 3.0 website - includes the Team agreement template too

Link to the Personal Maps practice from Management 3.0 (SpodKast coming soon on this practice too)

Link to my article on Conflict Management (SpodKast coming soon on this article too)

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What's this Podcast about?
Podcast Outline
What is a Team Agreement?
The Story begins
Perspectives from Managers and Teams
A traditional approach to bring alignment
The Modern approach to bring alignment: Co-creation
How did I co-create?
Start with what you know you agree on
Get to know each other with Personal Maps
In a nutshell: what could you do in your Team agreement workshop?
What is a good Team agreement?
Key benefits of a Team agreement?
Voices from the Managers and Teams during a Retrospective
Quick Recap from today's Podcast