Perspectives of Change

#39 "The Art of Teams" with Ralph van Roosmalen

February 08, 2023 Sarika Kharbanda Season 2 Episode 39
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The Art of Teams: helping teams create value

In this podcast, our guest Ralph van Roosmalen shares from his experience the different dimensions of growing a diverse, happy and successful team.

Link to the Art of Teams book.

Link to Personal Maps from Management 3.0 referenced in the podcast.

Link to the Art of Teams community.

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Welcome to Perspectives of Change
Introducing today's topic: The Art of Teams
Welcome Ralph van Roosmalen
Why 'The Art of Teams'?
What is 'The Art of Teams'?
The 6 Components
Conflict: Let's dive in: What is, Tools and more!
Trust: Tell us more!
Why do teams need to be reliable and / or care for results?
What tools can help build reliability in teams?
Have you ever started by working with teams that are great on all 6 components?
What is your advise for anyone wanting to create value for their teams, how could one onboard that journey?
Wrapping up!